Alimiyyah Course


The course is designed to give pupils an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the higher Islamic sciences.

The Aalim Course is grounded in the study of classical core texts and subjects, and enriched with a balanced, contemporary approach.

The course seeks to embed in students the authentic knowledge and understanding of the higher Islamic sciences in an environment that cultivates their spiritual and intellectual growth, while paying due attention to the classical tradition through which sacred knowledge has been passed down over the centuries; from heart to heart.

The course strives to create exemplary role models who will go on as qualified Ulama (scholars) to industriously serve humanity.

The course prepares students to become upright and model citizens of modern Britain and of the world that we all share. The course creates within pupils the aptitude to become Imams, teachers, administrators of institutions, academic researchers, writers.

Upon graduation, students may also choose to pursue specialised studies in Fiqh (Ifta), Hadith (Takhassus fil Hadith), Tafseer (Takhassus fit Tafseer), and/or other sciences.

Students are encouraged to pursue secular knowledge/skills during/or upon completion of their course to aid them in contextualising their knowledge.

Weekdays. 5pm – 8pm

6 Years

Entry Requirements
Aged 14+
Basic understanding of Islam
Commitment to the Jamia’s values of respect, tolerance, peace and harmony
Two References

Admission Fee (one-off): £100
Tuition Fee: £1000 per academic year

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