The Jamia

Jamia Siraj ul Uloom

Abu Darda (rad) narrates: I heard Rasulullah(saw) saying: whoever travels on a path in search of knowledge, Allah will enable him to travel on a path to paradise.

And verily, the angels spread their wings with pleasure for one who seeks knowledge. Indeed the inhabitants of the skies and the earth and the fish's in the depths of water, all supplicate forgiveness for the Aalim (Islamic Scholar).

Verily, the eminence of an Aalim over a devout worshipper is that of the full moon over the stars. And indeed, the Ulama are the heirs of the prophets. And verily, the prophets did not leave behind as inheritance any Dinar or Dirham (worldly wealth), they leave behind Ilm as inheritance. So, whoever aquired this, received an abdundant portion. (Abu Dawud).

Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri (Rad) narrates that Rasulullah (saw) said: A believer's thirst for knowledge is never quenched . He continues to hear and learn until he enters paradise. (Tirmidhi)

Abu Dharr (rad) narrates that Rasulullah (saw) told me: O Abu Dhar! If you go in the morning and learn a verse from the Book of Allah, it is better for you than performing one hundred Rak'at of salat.

And if you go in the morning and learn a chapter of knowledge, which may or may not be applicable at that time, it is better for you than performing a thousand Rak'at of Nafl Salat. (Ibne-Majah)

Islam has made the pursuit of useful knowledge a form of worship. It shaped the outlook of the Muslims of the past. Ilm or 'distributive knowledge' is not limited to a particular field of inquiry or discipline but covers all dimensions of human awareness and the entire spectrum of natural phenomena.

Islam puts considerable emphasis on its followers to acquire knowledge. Investment in education and knowledge is the best investment one can make, because it eventually leads to intellectual property.

Intellectual property is intangible property, which no one can destroy or steal.


Through the correct obtainment of Islamic knowledge, a Muslim becomes such that faith is infused into his whole personality and creates in him an emotional attachment to Islam and enables one to follow the Qur'an and Sunnah.